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Vacancy Customer Service Representative

NovaZine is looking for a new Customer Service Representative. As Customer Service Representative you are our in-house contact to our regular custome...

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Centrifuge and cool your samples? Here's the solution:

From -20°C to + 40°C, the refrigerated centrifuge gives you great flexibility in handling your

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Mixer + Vortex your samples ... simultaneously?

Thanks to its touch screen, the Co-Mix is fully programmable and allows you to simultaneously mix and vortex your

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Do you need plates for the magnetic KingFisher?

Thanks to the plate set, you can simply use your magnetic KingFisher.

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New: 0.30ml tube with external thread!

The latest addition to the Micronic tube range is the 0.30ml tube with external thread. The tube has a working volume of 210µl and this makes it ideal...

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Ritter Ritips

The Ritter Ritips are available in 9 tip sizes and suitable for dosing sizes of 1μl to 5ml. Through the Ritips you can dose safely without the risk of...

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Micronic quarterly specials!

Micronic has this quarter some interesting deals: - Electric Capper CP480 with 160 free TPE Capclusters - Manual Capper CM480 with 80 free TPE Capclus...

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