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Vacancy Customer Service Representative

NovaZine is looking for a new Customer Service Representative. As Customer Service Representative you are our in-house contact to our regular customer...

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New! 4.00ml tube with external thread

The latest Micronic tube is the 4.00ml tube with external thread. This tube has a large working volume, which makes it ideal for storing large quantit...

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Buy one, Get one specials!

The specials are only valid for a limited period of time and as long as supplies last. So make your choice quickly! The following specials are active...

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Magnetic plates from Ritter

The Magnetic plates from Ritter are suitable for cleaning, mixing or centrifuging samples. It is also possible to storage and prepare substances in th...

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Quality is for NovaZine very important. We ask our customers on a regular base about their experience with our services. To make this as easy as possible for our customers, you can fill in your customer review online on this page.
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Sharp prices for various products. 20% discount!See all promotions.

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