CappRondo Tube Rotator

The CappRondo Tube rotator has a strong, compact, metal design and rubber feet. This provides ultimate stability upon operation and requires a minimum of the benchtop space. The rotator operates at a fixed speed of 30 RPM with an accuracy of +/- 2 RPM. The mixing is noiseless and continues in an infinite mode until the rotator is switched off.

The rotator has space for a maximum of 16 tubes, consisting of 4 ESR and 12 blood collection tubes. The maximum operational weight capacity is 1.5kg. The disc plate of the rotator is fixed at the angle of 38 degrees and ensures an easy removal for cleaning or replacement. 

SpecificationsCappRondo Tube rotator
Max capacity16 tubes (4ESR tubes and 12 Blood collection tubes)
Motor typeBLDC (Brushless DC motor)
SpeedFixed speed of 30 RPM
Operation modeContinuous / infinite
Speed accuracy+/- 2 RPM
Angle of Disc PlateFixed angle of 38 degrees
Noise levelNoiseless operation
Dimensions (WxDxH)278x252x183mm
Protection classIP 21
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CACRR-0316 CappRondo Tube Rotator for 16 blood tubes 1 unit 1 Offre
CACRR-0316-110 CappRondo Tube Rotator for 16 blood tubes, 110V 1 unit 1 Offre