Liquimaster peristaltic liquid pump

A multifunctional, programmable peristaltic pump that allows you to perform several liquid handling operations at a very wide volume range and much faster than conventional methods.

Dosing, pipetting and dilution are only some of the functions available on the LiquiMaster. It can also be connected to a 8-channel pipette head for plate dispensing, or even with a mini-robot for a semi-automated plate filling protocol.

The LiquiMaster is a user-friendly, programmable workstation, designed to perform operations such as dispensing, diluting, pipetting and plate filling up to 5 times faster than conventional methods.

Accommodating tubing sizes from 0.3mm to 4 mm, the LiquiMaster provides easy and high accuracy dosing for volumes ranging from 20ul up to 1,000mL, and can store up to 25 different protocols. Available with different pipetting modules, the LiquiMaster workstation is an easy-to operate device. It eliminates tedious and time consuming laboratory work and has a built in auto-calibration feature.

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Numéro d’article Nom Unité Unité de vente Prix Commande Offre
CALM-421 Programmable high precision and mµlti funcitional peristaltic pump 1 unit 1 Offre
CALM-4 Silicon tubing, 4 mm inner diameter; 1.6 mm wall thickness 1 unit 1 Offre
CAFN-0004 Filling needle, for 4 mm tubing 1 unit 1 Offre
CAFN-0104 Suction needle, for 4 mm tubing 1 unit 1 Offre
CATH-0201 For 200 µl tips 1 unit 1 Offre
CATH-1001 For 1,000 µl tips 1 unit 1 Offre
CATH-5000 For 5 mL tips 1 unit 1 Offre
CATH-0800 8-channel pipettor 1 unit 1 Offre
CAPH-0001 Handle for use with serological pipettes 1 unit 1 Offre
CANF-0003 Foot switch 1 unit 1 Offre
CAFM-852 Mini-robot for 96-well and/or 384-well plates 1 unit 1 Offre